Yes, You Can!

Write your own Google ads

You’re properly armed if you have a person in your organization who is computer literate; be it Yourself, an Office Manager or a Receptionist.

“Computer literate” in this context simply means anybody who is comfortable using e-mail or knows how to play on Facebook. If that skill is present in your company, you will be able to run your own successful AdWords campaign.

3 cardinal rules for a successful AdWords campaign

Although there are many pitfalls and details to consider in a successful AdWords campaign, by following and properly executing my three cardinal rules of AdWords, you already ensure to set yourself up for success.

  1. Creative (Ad):
    Write a compelling ad that tells potential customers exactly what you offer
  2. Keywords:
    Choose only a few keywords per ad that directly relate to the ad’s offer
  3. Landing Page:
    Link to a webpage that shows exactly what you promised in the ad such as products, prices or promotions (never link to your Homepage!)

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