The AdWords Issue

“It's so easy...” waste your money.

Indeed, Google AdWords is an easy-to-use advertising tool to put your company on the web; more accurately, to increase your website's visibility on the Google search engine.

Google offers a guided, no-hassle process to set up your AdWords account. You write one or two quick ads and get immediate exposure. However, because it's so easy, most people write their initial ads and then let the AdWords system run on autopilot. While this is neat and apparently simple, anybody's initial attempt to create an AdWords campaign is generally far from brilliant.

By following Google's AdWords set-up guide to the word, you have already done about 50% wrong.

How do you write a great Creative (=AdWords ad) and what's really a good Keyword? How do you match the two properly? Where does the Landing Page figure into the mix, and why can't it be my homepage? And what's the importance of CTR and CR anyway?

A great AdWords campaign requires proper technique, strategy and practice. Yet, lack of time and lack of knowledge keeps many from coming back to their campaigns.

In the meantime, Google happily debits your account every month while you may see no to very little return on your investment. When handled improperly, AdWords can cut huge holes into your budget, and the only one smiling is Google.

Handling AdWords properly and avoiding its pitfalls is a painstaking process, but it is worth the effort. Understand the issues that come with running an AdWords campaign and avoid wasting money on search engine advertising.

Spend your resources wisely right from the start.

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